Haru no Hi (Spring Days, a haikai [17-syllable verse] collection) (春の日 (俳諧撰集))

"Haru no Hi" (Spring Days) is a haikai collection. It was edited by Kakei YAMAMOTO. The collection was published in 1686. It is one of the Haikai Shichibushu (seven haikai collections by the Basho School). It is the sequel to "Fuyu no Hi" (Winter Days), and people living in Owari Province were participants. It has kasen (renga sequences of 36 verses) and 58 hokku (first lines of renga sequences) composed in places such as Jugo ga iori (Jugo's hermitage) and Yasui-tei (Yasui's bower). The 'Furu ike ya' (Old pond) poem by Basho MATSUO and two other verses by him are included among them.

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