Hokusai Manga (北斎漫画)

"Hokusai Manga" is a book of sketches issued by Hokusai KATSUSHIKA as examples of paintings. Around the autumn of 1812, he stayed at the home of Bokusen MAKI (1775 to 1824), Hokusai's patron and pupil, for approximately a half year and drew over 300 sketches. Upon compilation, the first volume was issued by Toshiro EIRAKUYA (Eirakudo), a publisher in Nagoya, in 1814 when Hokusai was 55 years old and was well received. After that, fifteen volumes in total were issued until 1878. Approximately 4,000 sketches were drawn covering figures, customs, animals and plants, and apparitions. They were not only well received in Japan, but also introduced in Europe in the 1830s and influenced the French impressionists.

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