Honpan Jinbutsushi (brief accounts of the Shimazu clan and its chief retainers mainly during the Sen (本藩人物誌)

Honpan Jinbutsushi is thirteen volumes of brief accounts of the Shimazu clan and its chief retainers for 200 years from the middle of 15th century to the middle of 17th century mainly during the Sengoku period arranged in the traditional Japanese alphabetical order.

It is considered to be written by Masazumi FUKUZAKI but both his career and the year of creation are unknown. Records related to priests of Doshaku (Buddhism and Taoism) and women are written at the end of the volume 12, traitors who opposed or revolted against Shimazu clan in the volume 13. A handwritten copy possessed by the Kagoshima University Library was written by Hisamitsu SHIMAZU from 1839 to 1840, the following year, which the library bought from the Tamazato-shimazu family in 1951 (known as Tamazato bunko-bon [the books originally owned by Tamazato-shimazu family]). Those based on the books possessed by the Kagoshima Prefectural Library has been published as 'Kagoshimaken Shiryo Dai 13 shu' (volume 13 of Historical Records of Kagoshima Prefecture) since 1973.

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