Hyobukyo no Miya (兵部卿宮)

Hyobukyo no Miya is a name for a fictitious Imperial prince, for convenience, whose real name is unknown in the tale. For example there are three Imperial Princes appearing in "The Tale of Genji."

The first being an Imperial Prince of the late Emperor, and an older brother of Fujitsubo. He is the father of Murasaki no ue. This will be discussed in detail below.

The second is the Imperial Prince of Emperor Kiritsubo, Hikaru Genji's younger paternal half-brother. See Hotaru Hyobukyo no Miya.

Lastly, there is the third prince of Emperor Kinjo. See Nioumiya.

Hyobukyo no Miya is a fictitious character who appears in "The Tale of Genji," which was written by Murasaki Shikibu.
(After the death of Prince Momozono, the father of Asagao, he became Shikibukyo no Miya)

He was the son of the former Emperor, and also an older brother of Fujitsubo.

He had two daughters by his lawful wife, who was from a noble family, and seems to have had four sons by the same mother. In addition to them, he had a daughter (later known as Murasaki no ue) by his concubine (the daughter of Azechi no Dainagon), but his lawful wife hated her, so he rarely visited her even after the concubine died. However, during Genji's dark days, he even deserted Murasaki no ue, though he was Genji's biological father, and it earned Genji's displeasure, so he was treated coolly after Genji's return. However, during Genji's dark days, by deserting Murasaki no ue, despite being her biological father, Hyobukyo no miya earned Genji's displeasure, and so was treated coolly after Genji's return.

He was treated seriously as the older brother of Empress Fujitsubo and a maternal relative of Emperor Reizei, and considered to have a reputation second to Genji and Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state) (Tono Chujo [the first secretary's captain]). Although the second daughter (O nyogo) of his lawful wife entered kokyu (Empress's residence), she could not attain Genji's support and her life ended without her becoming the Empress. His oldest daughter (the lawful wife of Higekuro) by the same mother also had her husband taken away by Tamakazura, an adopted daughter of Genji. Moreover, he took in his grandchild, Makibashira, together with his eldest daughter, who later married Hotaru Hyobukyo no Miya; unfortunately, they did not get along and so the family was unhappy.

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