Kagaribi (篝火)

Kagaribi (The Cressets) is one of the fifty-four chapters of "The Tale of Genji." It is the 27th chapter. The title comes from the waka poems that were exchanged between Hikaru Genji and Tamakazura (The Tale of Genji).

The story takes place during the year when Genji was 36 years old.

Recently, a rumor about the bad reputation of Omi no Kimi, one of the daughters of To no Chujo, had widely spread in public. Hearing the rumor, Tamakazura becomes keenly aware of her luck in being adopted by Hikaru Genji, and gradually opens her heart to him.

Early in July, Hikaru Genji goes over to Tamakazura, and stays close beside her, using a koto for a pillow. And he composes a poem using cressets in front of the garden as a metaphor for his own attachment. Although Tamakazura composed a poem in reply, she could not help feeling troubled.

Just at that moment, Yugiri, Kashiwagi and others were playing some pieces in concert in the east wing. Hikaru Genji invited them and had them give a performance. As Kashiwagi felt secretly drawn to Tamakazura, his hands became tense.

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