Kaichoon (collection of poetry) (海潮音 (詩集))

Kaichoon is the collection of translated poems that Bin UEDA published through Hongo Shoin in October, 1905. He compiled the translated foreign poems included in the magazines such as Teikokubungaku and Myojooriginally, originally written in Italian, English, German, French, and Provencal.

He is well known especially as the one who introduced the poems of those representative French symbolists receiving attention of literary circles in those days, and took a part in the establishment and development of Japanese symbolical poetry. However, those poems introduced as 'symbolical poems,' were only seven poems, and the others were Bin's favorite works by English poets such as the poetry of transcendentalists or the excerpt of Shakespeare's Winter's Tale. He selected poems by Gabriele D'ANNUNZIO as the first and last poems of the collection, which suggests how Bin was particularly interested in D'ANNUNZIO.

Over the mountain,' a translated song in the play of 'Pipa Passe' by Carl Busse, and 'Fallen Leaves,' a translation of 'Chanson d'Automne' by Paul Verlaine are famous in Japan as those are picked up and introduced in Japanese textbooks.

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