Kanpyono Ontoki Kisainomiya Uta-awase (寛平御時后宮歌合)

Kanpyono Ontoki Kisainomiya Uta-awase (Uta-awase held by the Empress during the Kanpyo period) was one of the poetry competitions, which consisted of one volume. This poetry competition was held at around 889 at the residence of Imperial Princess Hanshi (the empress dowager Mitsuko), mother of Emperor Uda.

There were 100 poems in total, broken down into 20 for each of the 5 themes which were on love and the four seasons. The writers included over 10 representative poets of the time, such as KI no Tomonori.

This collection is the second oldest uta-awase on record remaining in existence today after Zaiminbukyoke Uta-awase (uta-awase held at Minbusho, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, during ARIWARA no Yukihira's service as the administrator).

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