Kenreimonin Ukyo no Daibu (建礼門院右京大夫)

Kenreimonin Ukyo no Daibu (c. 1157 - year of death unknown) was a female waka poet from the end of Heian period to the early Kamakura period. Her father was Koreyuki SESONJI. Her mother was the daughter of OGA no Motomasa and known as Yugiri, an accomplished player of the so (Japanese stringed instrument).

In 1173, she started to serve for Kenreimonin TAIRA no Tokuko, nyogo (consort) of the Retired Emperor Goshirakawa, as Ukyo no Daibu. She had relationships with FUJIWARA no Takanobu and TAIRA no Sukemori, and after the death of Sukemori, she set out on a journey for the repose of his soul.

In 1195, she again started to serve for the Emperor Gotoba.

Her personal collection included 'Kenreimonin Ukyo no Daibu shu,' which mainly collected her love poems devoted to Sukemori.

Some people assert that she was the author of "Yamaji no Tsuyu" (sequel of The Tale of Genji).

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