Kinjo no Mikado (今上帝 (源氏物語))

Emperor Kinjo or Kinjo no Mikado is the fourth Emperor in "The Tale of Genji" (the period of his reign: after the second volume of 'Wakana' (Spring Shoots)). A fictitious character. He was the first prince of Emperor Suzaku, and his mother was Jokyoden no nyogo (The Lady of Jokyoden Palace) (a sister of Higekuro, who passed away before Kinjo no Mikado ascended to the throne, and after his enthronement, she was given a court rank of Empress Dowager). When the tale ends, he is still on the throne, therefore he is often called Kinjo no Mikado for convenience.


Young lady Akashi --- the daughter of Hikaru Genji (Rokujo-in). She was the mother of Togu (Crown Prince), Nino Miya, Nioumiya, Gono Miya, and Onna Ichinomiya.

Higyosha no nyogo --- a daughter of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left). The mother of Onna Ninomiya. She might be identified with Reikeiden no nyogo (Lady Reikeiden) in the chapter of 'Umegae' (The Plum Tree Branch).

Nanigashi no Koi (a certain lady in waiting in the court) --- the mother of Hitachi no Miya.

Naishi no Kami (Principal Handmaid) (Dairi no Kimi) --- the third daughter of Higekuro. Her mother was Tamakazura. She appears only in the chapter of 'Takekawa' (Bamboo River).

Prince and Princesses

The first prince: Togu

Nyogo (a consort of an emperor): the oldest daughter of Yugiri, and the oldest daughter of Kobai (Reikeiden)

The second prince: Ninomiya (also known as Shikibukyo no Miya after the chapter of 'Kagero' (The Mayfly))

Lawful wife: the second daughter of Yugiri

The third prince: Nioumiya (Hyobukyo no Miya)

Lawful wife: the sixth daughter of Yugiri, concubine: Naka no Kimi of the Uji Hachi no Miya (the Eighth Prince)

The fourth prince: Hitachi no Miya

The fifth prince: Gono Miya

The first princess: Onna Ichinomiya (Ippon no Miya)

The second princess: Onna Ninomiya

Husband: Kaoru

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