Kinpisho (禁秘抄)

Kinpisho is a book written by the 84th Emperor Juntoku on the history and origin of imperial court ceremonies, whereby serving as an instruction manual for the rules and etiquette concerning such ceremonies. The existing copy consists of two volumes, but since it was initially organized in three parts, the original copy is considered to have had three volumes. Kinpisho was completed in 1221.

The author, Emperor Juntoku (1197 - 1242), was born the third prince of Emperor Gotoba.
From a young age Emperor Juntoku enjoyed learning; he also excelled in waka poetry and compiled various waka anthologies and research documents on waka, such as 'Yakumomisho.'
Kinpisho was an in-depth study of the root and origin of manners and etiquette of ceremonies performed at the Imperial Court, with an intent to pass the ancient customs down to succeeding generations. As revealed by the outbreak of the Jokyu War immediately after the completion of the book, there was a profound yearning for the restoration of the Imperial government and to pass the way of the sovereign down to the princes of the next generation.

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