Korai Futeisho (古来風体抄)

Korai Futeisho is a textbook on poetry that was completed during the early Kamakura period. There is an initial edition (completed in 1197) and a revised edition (completed in 1201).

The initial edition is said to have been written by the courtier and poet, FUJIWARA no Toshinari (1114 - 1204) at the request of Imperial Princess Shikishi (1149 - 1201) who was a princess of Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa. It is believed that the revised edition was also written upon the request of Imperial Princess Shikishi. Between the initial and revised editions, there is another edition that seems to have been a modification of the initial edition.

The book has a selection of 191 poems from the Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), and 395 poems (398 poems in the revised edition) from Imperial waka poem anthologies up to the Senzai Wakashu (Collection of Japanese Poems of a Thousand Years), with a history of waka poems. The textbook teaches that waka poems reveal the true characteristics of the target of the poem.

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