Kunibiki Shinwa (Land dragging myth) (国引き神話)

Kunibiki Shinwa (Land dragging myth) is a part of Japanese mythology that has been passed down in the Izumo Province. This story is not described in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) or "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), but is found at the top of "Izumo no Kuni Fudoki" (the Topography of Izumo Province), at the beginning of the section of Ou-gun.

Yatsukamizuomitsunu no Mikoto complained that Izumo was a small and young (incomplete) province, so he came up with an idea that would make the area larger by dragging extra areas from other provinces and connecting them onto the land of the Izumo Province. He stretched a rope between Sahime-yama Mountain (Mt. Sanbe) and Honokamidake Mountain (Mt. Daisen) and, as described below, pulled it while saying the words "Kuniko, kuniko," (Come land, come land) until the new land mass was made which became known as the Shimane Peninsula. The rope itself then evolved into the Sono no Nagahama (Inasa beach) and the Kyuhin Peninsula. When Yatsukamizuomitsunu no Mikoto finished dragging the lands and pierced the earth by a wood stick with a cry, woods grew thickly that became "Ou no mori" (the Ou forest).

Shiragi no misaki (Cape of Shiragi) -> From Kozu no Oritae (border of Kozu) to Yaoni Kizuki no misaki (Cape of Kizuki)

Kitado no Saki no kuni (province) -> From Taku no oritae (border of Taku) to Sada no kuni (Sada Province)
Kitado no Yonami no kuni -> From Uha no oritae (border of Uha) to Kurami no kuni (Kurami Province)
Cape of Tsutsu (Suzu City), Koshi Province -> Miho no saki (Cape of Miho)

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