Kyuan Hyakushu (久安百首)

Kyuan Hyakushu is the Hundred-Poem sequences developed by the command of Sutokuin in 1150 during the late Heian period. It is also referred to as Kyuan Rokunen Hyakushu (Hundred Poems of the Sixth Year of Kyuan) and Sutokuin Hyakushu (Hundred Poems for Sutokuin).

Between 1142 and 1144, Sutokuin set subjects for poems, and while there were 14 writers, including FUJIWARA no Kinyoshi, FUJIWARA no Norinaga, FUJIWARA no Akisuke and FUJIWARA no Toshinari in addition to Sutokuin himself, some of them died while it was being completed and were replaced by the other poets. There are two different existing versions of Kyuan Hyakushu, including one that lists the hundred poems without sorting by the subject and the other which was broken down into ten volumes by FUJIWARA no Toshinari.

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