Asukai Masatsune (飛鳥井雅庸)

Masatsune ASUKAI (November 28, 1569 - February 9, 1616) was a court noble and waka poet who lived through the turmoil of the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) and into the beginning of the Edo period. His father's name was Masaatsu ASUKAI. Masatsune was also initially known as Masatsugu and Masae.

In 1613 (Keicho 18), he reached the Junii (Junior Second Rank), and in 1615 he was appointed to the position of Gonno Dainagon (Assistant Major Counselor). He was initiated into kokin denju (the art of interpreting the kokinshu) by the Shoko-in Dogo JUNGO, and initiated into the art of calligraphy by Narisada FUJIKI, and was exceptionally accomplished instructing such luminaries as Retired Emperor Gomizuo, Hidetada TOKUGAWA, Tadaoki HOSOKAWA, and Iehisa SHIMAZU in the game of kemari (an ancient kick-ball game similar to soccer).

He left a diary, called 'Masatsugu kyo ki' (the Diary of Lord Masatsugu (Masatsune)), and a waka anthology, 'Nyudo dainagon masatsugu kyo hyakushu' (One Hundred Verses by the Priest Lord Masatsune, the chief councilor of state).

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