Nakanoin Michikatsu (中院通勝)

Michikatsu NAKANOIN (June 13, 1556 - May 18, 1610) was a court noble, waka poet, and Kokugaku (National Learning) scholar who lived from the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) into the early Edo period. His father's name was Michitame NAKANOIN. His mother was the daughter of Kineda SANJONISHI. His childhood name was Matsuyasha-maro.

In 1579, he reached the position of Gonno Chunagon (Deputy Middle Counselor), and the Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank). Initially, he studied waka with his maternal uncle, Saneki SANJONISHI. The following year, in 1580, he fell under Imperial censure from Emperor Ogimachi and was exiled to Maizuru in Tango Province, where he studied under Yusai HOSOKAWA and mastered waka and kokugaku (national learning). In 1599, he was pardoned and allowed to return from exile.

He kept a diary, called the "Keikaiki" (Worthless Record, Continued), and also wrote a poetry anthology, entitled the "Michikatsu NAKANOIN collection."

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