Moshinsho (孟津抄)

Moshinsho is a commentary on "The Tale of Genji," written by Tanemichi KUJO, the Kanpaku (regent) during the Sengoku (Period of Warring States) and Azuchi-Momoyama periods. Although the original consisted of 20 volumes, there are surviving texts with 15 volumes, 21 volumes and 54 volumes.
It later came to be called "Kuzensho," after another name of his, 'Kujo Zengo.'

He was taught by his uncle, Kineda SANJONISHI. He added to the Genji scholarship of the Sanjonishi family not only theories on earlier commentaries such as the "Kakai-sho," the "Kacho yojo" (Atmosphere of Flowers and Birds) and the "Rokasho" (playing with blossoms), but also theories of his own, and annotated each volume. Although some draft-manuscripts and fair copies exist, it is believed that few original manuscripts and prints have survived.

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