Mumyosho (無名抄)

"Mumyosho" was a karon sho (a document of theory and criticism about classic Japanese poems) in the Kamakura period written by KAMO no Chomei. The exact year when it was established is unknown, but it is considered to have been established after November 1211 and before 1216, when KAMO no Chomei died. It is also called "Chomei Mumyosho" or "Mumyomissho." It consists of about 80 chapters. It consists of one volume. There are more than six versions, and their differences derive from addition in later period.

For treatise on waka poetry, it describes theories of Yugen (the subtle and profound), Daiei (poetry composed on a set theme), and technique such as Honkatori (writing poems quoted parts of old poems). Other than these, it contains various descriptions including anecdotes of forefathers and comments on kajin of the same period, and has essay-like style. It contains anecdotes that were taken into Seisuisho etc. later.

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