Nakatsukasa no Naishi Nikki (The Dairy of Nakatsukasa no Naishi) (中務内侍日記)

The Dairy of Nakatsukasa no Naishi is a work of courtly literature in the Kamakura period.

It was written in kana (the Japanese syllabary) by FUJIWARA no Keishi, known as Nakatsuka no Naishi who served Emperor Fushimi.

It describes her recollections about her courtly life over a period of 13 years, beginning with 1280 when the emperor was still crown prince and ending in 1292 when she retired due to her severe illness.

It comprises two volumes. Volume 1 includes her recollections from 1280 to 1286 during which Emperor Fushimi was still crown prince and Volume 2 recounts how she served the emperor. The Diary of Nakatsukasa no Naishi was quoted in Gunsho Ruiju (diaries compiled by subject-matter) as detailed sources on courtly customs and traditions, and was copied by scholars of Japanese literature.

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