Nowaki (The Tale of Genji) (野分 (源氏物語))

Nowaki (The Typhoon) is one of the 54 chapters of "The Tale of Genji." It is the 28th chapter.

This chapter takes place in the autumn when Hikaru Genji was 36.

One day in August, the capital was hit by a powerful typhoon. On a visit to the Rokujo-in Palace, where plants and flowers in the garden had been blown flat, Yugiri happened to catch a glimpse of Murasaki no Ue amidst the chaos and was stunned by her beauty. Even after paying a visit to his grandmother, Omiya, he could not forget the Murasaki no Ue's beauty, which was like full-blown cherry blossoms.

The day after the typhoon, Genji and Yugiri went visit Empress Akikonomu, who was in the middle of a short leave, and other noble ladies. When they visited Tamakazura, Yugiri caught a glimpse of her and was fascinated by her beauty but, at the same time, he was suspicious of Genji's unfatherly-like behavior toward her. Yugiri, disconcerted by the various women as beautiful as flowers, sent Kumoi no Kari a letter.

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