Onakatomi no Sukechika (大中臣輔親)

ONAKATOMI no Sukechika (954 - July 6, 1038) was a poet in the mid-Heian period. His father was ONAKATOMI no Yoshinobu. His mother was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Kiyokane. A lady poet, ISE no Taifu was his daughter. He was regarded as one of the medieval 36 Immortal Poets.

In 986 he became a Monjosho (student of literature and history) and later took office as Director of the Jingikan (Council of Shinto rituals), and further promoted to the Saishu (Officer) of Ise. He was a poet of the family of Onakatomi who produced excellent poets for generations and submitted his verses on the occasion of Daijoe (the Ceremony of Imperial Accession) for Emperors Sanjo, Goichijo, and Gosuzaku. He also composed byobu-uta (verses on themes depicted on folding screen) and was an active participant of poetry contests. His wife, KURA no Myobu, served as a wet nurse to FUJIWARA no Yorimichi, the third son of FUJIWARA no Michinaga. He also served Yorimichi as a nurse. This connection perhaps helped his daughter ISE no Taifu get a position serving FUJIWARA no Shoshi (also known as Akiko).
(It is unclear, however, whether KURA no Myobu was ISE no Taifu's mother.)

His verses were selected for the imperial anthologies from 'Shui Wakashu' (The Collection of Gleanings) onwards. He also compiled the private anthology 'Sukechikakyo-shu' (the Selected Verses of Lord Sukechika).

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