Okanoya Kanpakuki (The Dairy of Okanoya Kanpaku) (岡屋関白記)

Okanoya Kanpakuki is a diary written by Kanpaku (Chancellor) Kanetsune KONOE in the Kamakura period.

Its title derives from the fact that Kanetsune lived in his villa, in Uji City, called 'Okanoya-dono.'
The manuscripts of the diary which originally covered the period between 1222 and 1251 have been almost completely dispersed, now reduced to a small portion of the original text. The remaining portion written by Kanetsune himself is only the section on spring 1249, which is housed in the Yomei Bunko Library. The section on winter 1232 has been assumed to refer to the abdication of Emperor Gohorikawa.

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