Omiya (The Tale of Genji) (大宮 (源氏物語))

Omiya is a fictitious character in The Tale of Genji. She was Onna Sannomiya (the third princess) of Ichiin, and a sister of Emperor Kiritsubo with the same mother. She was also an aunt of Hikaru Genji. To become a lawful wife of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), she left the Imperial family, and gave birth to Tono Chujo (the first secretary's captain) and Aoi no Ue (Lady Aoi). Because she lived in Sanjo-dono Palace, she was also called Sanjo no Omiya.

After her daughter, Aoi no ue, passed away, she brought up Yugiri, who was left behind by her daughter's death. Later, she took in Kumoi no Kari, an illegitimate daughter of Naidaijin (Minister of the Palace, later known as Tono Chujo), and she dearly loved both of them. She was a woman of 'yorozumono no jozu' (being good at various musical instruments), and taught Yugiri and Kumoi no Kari how to play the instruments.
However, after Yugiri celebrated his coming of age, he had to leave the Sanjo-dono Palace due to Genji's educational policy, while Naidaijin, who noticed that Yugiri and Kumoi no Kari loved each other, forced her to move into his residence, so she felt terribly sad. ('Otome' (The Maidens))

When Tamakazura celebrated Mogi (coming-of-age ceremony for girls), Omiya mediated between Hikaru Genji and Naidaijin ('Miyuki' (The Imperial Progress)), but before long it is told that she passed away. ('Fujibakama' (Thoroughwort Flowers))
Subsequently, at the memorial service of Omiya's death, Naidaijin reconsidered the marriage between Yugiri and Kumoi no Kari; after they got married, they moved to Sanjo-dono Palace again to live there. ('Fuji no Uraba' (Wisteria Leaves))

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