Onna Ninomiya (女二宮)

Onna Ninomiya is the second princess of the successive emperors.

This is the name given for convenience to the fictitious second princess of the Emperor in the tale, whose real name is unknown. The following are representative Onna Ninomiya.

The second princess of the Emperor Suzaku, appearing in "The Tale of Genji." See also Ochiba no Miya.

The second princess of Kinjo no Mikado (Emperor) in "The Tale of Genji." It will be mentioned later.

The second princess of Sagain (the retired Emperor Saga) in "Sagoromo Monogatari" (Tale of Sagoromo). She had a relationship with Sagoromo only for one night, and gave a birth to a baby boy, then became a priest.

Onna Ninomiya is a fictitious character appearing in "The Tale of Genji." She was the second princess of Kinjo no Mikado, and her mother was Fujitsubo Princess (a daughter of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), and she is a different woman from Fujitsubo, the Emperor Kiritsubo's second consort (the mother of Emperor Reizei) and Fujitsubo, a consort of the Emperor Suzaku (the mother of Onna Sannomiya)). She was loved deeply by Kinjo no Mikado, but before her Mogi (coming-of-age ceremony for girls), her mother passed away. Her mother's family was not as powerful as before, and she did not have any other supporter to depend on.
That is why Kinjo no Mikado, who worried about the future of his daughter, made her leave the Imperial family and married her to Kaoru. ('Yadorigi' (The Ivy))

However, her husband, Kaoru loved only Ukifune, whom he kept at Uji, and Onna Ichinomiya, who was a daughter of young lady Akashi and also Onna Ninomiya's older sister by a different mother. Superficially, he cherished his lawful wife, Onna Ninomiya, out of consideration for the Emperor, but he did not seem to have a deep affection toward her. That reminds us of the relationships between Hikaru Genji and Onna Sannomiya, or between Kashiwagi and Ochiba no Miya.

In the chapter of 'Kagero' (The Mayfly), Kaoru caught a glimpse of Onna Ichinomiya, whom he loved, and after he went home, he made his wife, Onna Ninomiya, wear a thin robe which was the same as Onna Ichinomiya's, and made her keep a piece of ice just as Onna Ichinomiya did, and moreover, he encouraged her to exchange letters with her older sister, Onna Ichinomiya, because he wanted to see Onna Ichinomiya's letters.

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