Rikyu Doka (利休道歌)

Rikyu Doka (literally, Rikyu's teaching poems), also called 'Rikyu hyakushu' (literally, Rikyu's one-hundred poems), are the teachings of SEN no Rikyu in the form of waka poetry to make them easily understood.

Although it is called a hyakushu, of versions that survive, while some have one hundred poems, others do not.

The one written on the Hogo-busuma screen attached to the Totsutotsusai tea room is famous.

Originally Joo TAKENO's was the first one, and there are others such as Sekishu hyakushu (One hundred poems of the Sekishu school) by Sadamasa KATAGIRI.

Your interest in something is itself a credible instructor inside you. Learn something with your own hand before you criticize it; only those who are foolish judge the good and bad without learning. If there are people eager to learn, teach them repeatedly, wholeheartedly and in depth. Shake off your embarrassment, ask your seniors about what you don't know and learn from them; this is essential to become adept. To be an expert, you need the following three things; passion for what you want to pursue, dexterity and perseverance your practice.

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