Roei Gochu (朗詠江注)

Roei Gochu, written by OE no Masafusa, is a commentary on the Wakan Roei Shu (Japanese and Chinese singing poems). Although the period in which it was written is unknown, it is thought to have been written no later than 1111 when OE no Masafusa passed away.

The commentary was believed to have been lost, indicated by quotations from the Roei Gochu being seen in other works such as the Fukurozoshi (Notes in a Folder, the collection of poetic lore). Scholars such as Shoji HORIBE and Jiro OTA expressed doubts as to whether or not the Roei Gochu had been lost. According to their evidence, the Roei Gochu was written not as a book, but as a brief glossary written between the spaces or lines or on the back of the text of the Waka Roei Shu. What is read today as the 'Roei Gochu' is what was written inside the margins and on the back of the text of the Wakan Roei Shu. For this reason, it should probably be concluded that the Roei Gochu was not written as book, but composed of mainly notes written into the text of the Wakan Roei Shu. It has been indicated that the Roei Gochu shares some connection with the Godansho (The Oe Conversations, with anecdotes and gossip). The Roei Gochu also influenced later commentaries on the Wakan Roei Shu, such as the Wakan Roei Shu Shichu (Personal glossary on the Wakan Roei Shu).

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