Ryugu (the palace of the Dragon King) (龍宮)

Ryugu or Kaigu (the palace of the sea) is a palace of Watasumi no kami (tutelary of the sea) which appears in a legend concerning Watasumi no kami that has been told all over Japan. It is also called Ryugu-jo Castle.

In some regions and legends, it is said to have been a residence of Toyotamahiko or the dragon king of the sea. It appears in old tales and legend everywhere in Japan.

Myths and legends in which Ryugu appears
Yamasachihiko and Umisachihiko
- A palace where Toyotamahiko lived.

A palace where Otohime princess lived. The place where Urashimataro was taken on the back of the turtle that he saved. There you can enjoy four seasons at the same time, and time passes tens of thousands times faster than the earth.

Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Urashima's casket, which is said to have been brought back by a woman shell diver who returned from Ryugu, is kept in Izawa no miya Shrine. It is said that there is a small kaya (mosquito net) inside of it.

Ttsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
There are many old shrines which worship the gods of the sea such as Watasumi-jinja Shrine and Watazumi-jinja Shrine, where a legend of Ryugu has been told since old times.

Ryugu doji (a child of Ryugu)
Ryugu nyobo (a woman of Ryugu)

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