Sakanoue no Mochiki (坂上望城)

SAKANOUE no Mochiki (dates of birth and death unknown) was a Japanese poet of the mid-Heian period. His father was SAKANOUE no Korenori, one of the Sanjurokkasen (36 Immortal Poets) and the son of SAKANOUE no Yoshikage who was the great-grandson of SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro.

After filling the posts of Shogeki (Junior Secretary) and Daigeki (Senior Secretary), he was chosen as one of the Nashitsubo no Gonin (Five Gentlemen of the Pear Chamber) in 975, edited the "Manyoshu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) and selected waka for the "Gosen Wakashu" (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry). Although he contributed poems to the "Tentoku Dairi Uta-awase" (Imperial Palace Poetry Contest of the Tentoku era), only three of his poems were selected for the "chokusen wakashu" (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command). No personal collection by him survives today.

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