Secchubai (Plums in Snow) (雪中梅)

Secchubai is a political fiction written by Teccho SUEHIRO. Volume 1 was published in August 1886 and Volume 2 in November of that year by Hakubundo.


The main characters of Secchubai include the young patriot Motoi KUNINO and his fiancée Oharu TOMINAGA, with the story developing in the context of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement in those days. The main focus was placed on the ideology of the party (Liberal Party) to which the writer belonged. It is said to be a representative political fiction of the time.

There was an extraordinary incident concerning Secchubai that, since Yukio OZAKI who wrote the preface of its first printing was long-lived, he contributed the introduction of the Iwanami Bunko edition published after the war as well.

The sequel to Secchubai. Published between 1887 and 1888. The story began with the wedding of Motoi and Oharu followed by the appearance of various characters such as an advocate for getting rid of political parties and a radical communist in addition to the leading character of the story, a civil party member (a harmonious public-private relationship advocate), who was victorious at the end.

The writer discusses and makes remarks on politics using the characters in his work. The story was well organized with characters including an idealistic patriot and a beautiful woman.

Motoi KUNINO was a poor young man who came to achieve recognition for his eloquence and insight. While he was in a difficult period in his life, he met Oharu who gave him helping hand and the two were married. The ideas on the solidarity of civil parties and harmonious public-private relationship struck a chord with the government and public, and Liberal Party which the author Teccho was a member of achieved a landslide victory in election.

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