Sei Shonagon Makura no Soshi Sho (清少納言枕草紙抄)

"Sei Shonagon Makura no Soshi Sho" is a book written in the Edo Period, commentaries on "Makura no Soshi"(the Pillow Book) written by Sei Shonagon. The book was published in May 1674. The book is also called " Makura no Soshi Sho," "Bansai Sho," or "Makura no Soshi Bansai Sho." The book is thought to have been authored by Bansai KATO. The original texts of Makura no Soshi used in the book are those from Noinbon (a version transcribed from a copy of Makura no Soshi owned by Noin). It is the oldest of the books of detailed commentaries on the whole volumes of Makura no Soshi which have survived to date. A copy of this book owned by Kyushu University is posted on the internet.

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