Shingoshui Wakashu (新後拾遺和歌集)

"Shingoshui Wakashu" (New Later Collection of Gleanings) is one of the chokusen wakashu (anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by the Imperial command). It consists of 20 volumes. This is the 20th collection of the Nijuichidai-shu (the twenty-one collections of waka compiled by imperial command). On August 5, 1375, during the reign of Goenyuin, Tameto NIJO received a command from the Emperor, and in 1381, after the death of the selectors, Tameshige NIJO was ordered to take over the work by the Emperor, and on December 1, 1383, it was completed. It contains a foreword which was written by Yoshimoto NIJO in 1382. The number of poems is 1554. It was made adopting the same categories as "Shoku Shui Wakashu" (12th imperial anthology). Also, it was the last collection selected by the Nijo family.

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