Shinsen Manyoshu (新撰万葉集)

Shinsen Manyoshu is a personal collection of poetries. It consists of a two-volume book or two books. The poetries were said to be selected by SUGAWARA no Michizane. Volume Two was however said to be compiled by another person.

Volume one has a preface dated November 11, 893 and volume two dated September 28, 913. 242 poems including those used in Kanpyo no ontoki kisai no miya no utaawase (Poetry Contest Held by the Consort in the Kanpyo Era) and Koresada Shinno-ke Utaawase (Poetry contest sponsored by the family of Imperial Prince Koresada) were written with the Chinese characters, and shichigon zekku (a Chinese poem of four lines, each of seven characters) was placed on the left.

Volume one contains poetries on the four seasons and love, and volume two contains poetries on the four seasons, love, and partinia (flower) (although some editions don't include the part of partinia). This is the only collection of poetry in the period between Manyoshu (the first major anthology of early Japanese poetry) and Kokin Wakashu (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry).

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