Shinsen Waka (新撰和歌)

Shinsen Waka is a personal collection of Japanese poetry. In four hanging scrolls. The compiler was KI no Tsurayuki. It was completed after Kokin Wakashu (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry) was offered to Emperor and while Tsurayuki was on his duties as Governor of Tosa Province.

This collection was a command by Emperor Daigo but he died before it was presented, thus it was completed as a personal collection. 360 great poems in the period between Konin era and Encho era were selected; the majority of them were included in Kokin Wakashu. It has a preface written with the Chinese characters.

Book One contains 120 poems on spring and autumn; Book Two, 40 poems on winter; Book Three, 20 poems on felicitations and laments as well as 20 poems on parting and travel; and Book Four, 160 poems on love and miscellaneous.

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