Shinsengumi Tenmatsuki (新選組顛末記)

Shinsengumi Tenmatsuki was one of the valuable materials on Shinsengumi as an oral history material by Shinpachi NAGAKURA, one of the survivor, one of leading members of Shinsengumi.
It was originally published serially on the newspaper Otaru Shinbun from March 17 to June 11 as memoirs entitled 'Shinsengumi Nagakura Shinpachi.'
It has been pointed out that the story may include the reporter's exaggeration, as it was not written by Shinpachi NAGAKURA.

In November 1998 it was published by Shinjinbutsuoraisha in a new format that has still been reprinted even now. The new format contains not only 'Shinsengumi Nagakura Shinpachi' but also the stories by people involved, one of posthumous writings of Nagakura 'Doshi Renmeiki', and so forth.

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