Shinshui Wakashu (新拾遺和歌集)

"Shinshui Wakashu" (New Collection of Gleanings) is one of the chokusen wakashu (anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by the Imperial command). 20 volumes in total. The selector was Tameaki NIJO. This is the 19th collection of the Nijuichidai-shu (the twenty-one collections of waka compiled by the imperial command).

In 1363, a samurai family suggested to Emperor Gokogon to make the anthology, and he gave the order. On May 30, 1364, the Emperor inspected the volumes of four seasons. In November, Tona took over the compiling work due to the death of Tameaki, and it was completed in December. The poems were classified into the following categories: Spring (two volumes), Summer, Autumn (two volumes), Winter, Celebration, Separation, Journey, Elegy, Love (five volumes), Gods of Heaven and Earth, Buddha's teachings, Miscellaneous (three volumes). Following the structure of "Shui Wakashu" (Collection of Gleanings), it contains zattei no uta (poems in miscellaneous forms) in the third volume of Miscellaneous. It is said that the volumes of Love and Miscellaneous include many poems composed by monks because Tona chose them. The style of poetry is plain.

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