Shoryoshu (Collected Works of Prose and Poetry of Kukai) (性霊集)

"Shoryoshu" is a collection of poetry and prose which was written by Kukai. It consists of ten volumes. The selector was Kukai, and the editor was his disciple, Shinzei. The year of creation is unknown.

It is formally called 'Henjo Hokki Shoryo shu.'
Prose and poetry, written petitions for Buddhist temples, collections of poems, epitaphs, and letters were selected for the collection from the works by Kukai.
The last three volumes were dispersed and soon lost, but in 1078 Saisen, a priest in the Ninna-ji Temple, edited the posthumous writings into a three-volume book called 'Shoku Shoryoshu Hoketsusho.'
The present "Shoryoshu" was made by putting the book together with the original Shoryoshu.

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