Shugyo Risshihen (Discourses of study for success) (修業立志編)

Shugyo Risshihen is a one of the books written by Yukichi FUKUZAWA. Shugyo Risshihen consists of Fukazawa's speeches, articles and essays that were published in the Jiji Shinpo. There are a total of 42 pieces. It is an independent book not included in the Complete Works of Yukichi FUKUZAWA.

Genesis of Shugyo Risshihen

In May 1898, Keio Gijuku implemented consistent education program including Keio Gijuku Yochisha Primary School, Futsu Secondary School and University. Shugyo Risshiden was compiled as a textbook for students attending Keio Gijuku at that time. Gakuo KAN was the compiler. It was published by Jiji Shinposha on April 16, 1898. On March 20, 1936, a revised edition was published.


Printings on the cover read 'The Complete Shugyo Risshihen''written by Yukichi FUKUZAWA,' and 'published by Jiji Shinposha.'
The contents consist of 17 speeches, 24 articles and an essay written by Fukuzawa that were published in the Jiji Shinpo.

Of the 42 pieces comprising Shugyo Risshihen, the following 9 were not included in the Complete Works of Yukichi Fukuzawa (Iwanami Shoten).

(Published on July 31, 1897)

Of the remaining 33 pieces, 32 Jiji Shinpo editorial articles were included in Volume 8 through Volume 16 of the Complete Works of Yukichi FUKUZAWA and one essay appeared on page 304 of Fukuo Hyakuwa which is Volume 6 of the same book.

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