Taira no Sadafumi (平貞文)

TAIRA no Sadafumi (872? - November 13, 923) was a mid-Heian period poet. His name was also sometimes written with another character for 'Sada' and pronounced either "Sadafumi" or "Sadafun." The great-great grandson of Emperor Kanmu, his father was TAIRA no Yoshikaze. He is counted among the medieval 36 Immortal Poets.

In 874, he and his father relinquished their imperial descent and became commoners, taking the surname "Taira" and descending to subject status; Sadafumi took a position as deputy commander of the Palace Guard of the Left, Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) post. He organized and held at least three poetry contests, and enjoyed friendly relations with the compilers of the 'Kokinshu' (Collected Waka from Ancient and Modern Times). Sadafumi, infamous for his sensual appetites, also acquired the nickname "Heichu." He is the starring character in the epic poem 'Heichu monogatari' (the Tale of Heichu).

No personal poetry collection of his has survived down to the present day, but twenty-six of his poems were selected for inclusion in various imperial poetry anthologies, including nine in the 'Kokinshu' alone.

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