Tanabe no Sakimaro (田辺福麻呂)

TANABE no Sakimaro (year of birth and death unknown) was a contributor to Manyoshu during the Nara Period. His kabane (hereditary title) was Fuhito. His status by birth is unknown.

He contributed 44 poems to 'Manyoshu' (the oldest anthology of tanka).
13 Tanka (thirty-one syllable poems) are found in Volume 18; ten Choka (long poem) and their 21 Hanka (tanka appendage to a choka) in Volumes 6 and 9 are indicated that they 'appear in a Book of poetry by TANABE no Sakimaro.'
These poems are regarded as Sakimaro's works based on the word choice and style of poetry. In 748 he visited Ecchu no kami (Governor of Ecchu Province) OTOMO no Yakamochi as a messenger for TACHIBANA no Moroe.

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