Takekunikoriwake no mikoto (武国凝別命)

Takekunikoriwake no mikoto was a member of the Imperial Family in the Kofun period (tumulus period), and he was written about in "A Record of Ancient Matters," "Chronicles of Japan," and so on. He was Takekunikoriwake no oji. He was the 12th Prince of Emperor Keiko. His mother was a daughter of Kikoto ABE, Takatahime. It is said that he was dispatched to Kanno-gun (later Nii County, present Niihama City, Saijo City, etc., Ehime Prefecture) for the subjugation of Iyo Province and used there as his base. His descendants spread out around Japan. Because the place was governed by their descendants (called "shi-son" in Japanese) of Takekunikoriwake no mikoto (also called "Betsu"), the place name "Besshi" was coined. The spirit of Takekunikoriwake no mikoto has been revered for generations at Isono-jinja Shrine. "Genealogy of secular surname of Enchin" written by Enchin (Chisho Daishi) in his own hand (during the Jowa era, the property of Enjo-ji Temple, a national treasure) is valuable Tatekeizu (a genealogy in which names of parents and those of children are connected with vertical lines) starting with "Emperor Keiko-Takekunikoriwake no oji." According to this genealogy, the descendant clans included Mimurawake (Isono-jinja Shrine shake [family of Shinto priests serving a shrine on a hereditary basis]), INAKI no Obito and Wakenokimi, and Enchin himself is known to have been a member of the family of Wakenokimi (The secular name of Enchin was Hiroo WAKENOKIMI).

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