Reizei Tamehiro (冷泉為広)

Tamehiro REIZEI (1450-August 30, 1526) was a Japanese waka poet. He was the sixth head of the Kamireizei family. His father was Tametomi REIZEI. His son was Tamekazu REIZEI.

He was conferred to the Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) in 1477. In 1501, he was raised in rank to the Shonii (Senior Second Rank), and in 1506 he was appointed as Junior Major Councillor and Minbukyo (Director of Popular Affairs Bureau). In 1508, the eleventh Shogun Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA was driven out of the position of Shogun, which made him retire into priesthood and called himself Sosei.

As a poet, he made some waka collections like "Collection of High Courtier Tamehiro" and "Tamehiro's Poems for Singing."

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