The Diary of Sanukinosuke (讃岐典侍日記)

Sanukinosuke Nikki (The Diary of Sanukinosuke) is a piece of literature in the form of a diary, written by Sanuki no suke (her court name) FUJIWARA no Nagako during the late Heian period. There are some who believe the book was completed around approximately June of 1109.
(Volume 18, Nihon Koten Bungaku Zenshu) (The Collections of Japanese Classical Literature)

The book consists of two volumes, with volume one depicting Nagako's days as a nurse for Emperor Horikawa prior to his death, and volume two describing Emperor Toba.

In volume two, Nagako alternates between the past and the present describing sentiments of cherishing the memory of Emperor Horikawa.

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