The Tale of Heichu (平中物語)

Heichu monogatari (The Tale of Heichu) (written 平中物語 or 平仲物語) is a story told through poems that was completed during the Heian period. The author and year of completion are unknown. The only existing copy is a reprint made by Tamesuke REIZEI, a grandson of FUJIWARA no Teika. The main character, 'Heichu,' is a mid-Heian period poet named TAIRA no Sadabumi (or Sadabun). The story was greatly influenced by "Ise monogatari" (The Tales of Ise), but has a comparatively longer main text. Available as part of the Kadokawa Bunko books or in the Nihon Koten Bungaku Zenshu (The Collections of Japanese Classical Literature).

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