Thirty-six Master Poets (三十六歌仙)

The Thirty-Six Master Poets is a collective term for the 36 master waka poets included in "the Thirty-six Master Poets Selection" as selected by FUJIWARA no Kinto.

Nishi honganji bon sanjurokunin kasyu (The works of the thirty-six master poets in Nishi Hongan-ji Temple) is the oldest existing copy of the summarization of poems of these 36 poets.

Influenced by the Thirty-six Master Poets, other master poet designations such as the Medieval 36 Master Poets and Nyobo sanjurokkasen (Thirty-six female poets of Nyobo sanjurokunin utaawase) were established later on.

Thirty-six syllable renga (the linked verse) is referred to as 'kasen' (master poet) after the Thirty-Six Master Poets.

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