Toshi Kaden (藤氏家伝)

The "Toshi Kaden" was written in 760. Within a two-volume series, the Toshi Kaden contains family histories of the early Fujiwara Clan which were passed down through many generations. It is also called the "Kaden" for short.

Some case histories described here do not appear in the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) and the Shoku Nihongi (Chronicle of Japan Continued).

The first volume of the Kaden (known formally as 'Taishokukan-den') was written and edited by Oshikatsu EMI and it describes the biographies of Kamatari FUJIWARA, Joe, and Fuhito FUJIWARA (FUJIWARA no Fuhito). However, the passages of FUJIWARA no Fuhito were lost.

The second volume of the Kaden (known formally 'Muchimaro-den') was written and edited by Enkei, the Buddhist priest, and it describes the biography of FUJIWARA no Muchimaro.

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