Yamaji no Tsuyu (山路の露)

Yamaji no tsuyu (Dew on the Mountain Road) is one of the sequels to "The Tale of Genji."

This is the earliest existing sequel to "The Tale of Genji," and famous as well as "Kumogakure rokujo" (six chapters of Genji's demise). That is why it was given the same treatment as "The Tale of Genji" written by Murasaki Shikibu, and some of the books published during the Edo period contained the sequel together with the tale like The Tale of Genji with Illustrations. It was also collected in Zoku Gunsho Ruiju (New Classified Documents). It is clear that the chapters were not written by Murasaki Shikibu (though nobody can tell if it is a forged book or not), so it is often treated equivalent to forgery, and taken up for the study of forged books.

It is still unknown when it was completed and who wrote it, but there is an opinion that it was written between 1271 and before the Oei area. There is a view that the author was Kenreimonin Ukyo no daibu, a daughter of FUJIWARA no Koreyuki, who wrote "Genji shaku" (Commentaries of the Tale of Genji). A digest of The Tale of Genji, "Genji Kokagami" (Little Mirror of Genji) has it as follows.
After that a book called Yamaji no tsuyu was made.'
It was not included in the fifty-four chapters.'

This is a story about Kaoru in later years, who is the main character of Uji jujo (The Ten Quires of Uji), which describes Kaoru and Ukifune meeting each other again. It is considered a sequel to ''Yume no Ukihashi' (The Floating Bridge of Dreams), the last chapter of "The Tale of Genji."

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