Yomogiu (A Wasteland of Weeds) (蓬生)

Yomogiu is one of the 54 chapters of "The Tale of Genji." It is the 15th chapter. The title of this chapter is derived from the mugwort that had taken over Suetsumuhana's ruined residence.

This chapter covers the period from Hikaru Genji's confinement at Suma to his return to Kyoto.

Genji was driven away from the capital, and Suetsumuhana, having lost her guardian, was left destitute. The residence fell into ruin and her maids left, so her aunt, who was a wife of the zuryo (the head of the provincial governors), tried to take in Suetsumuhana as her daughter's court lady, but she would not accept the offer. After a while, Genji returned to Kyoto but, as before, Suetsumuhana was left alone, overcome with grief. Before long, her aunt's husband became Senior Assistant Governor-General of Kyushu, and her aunt took the wet nurse whom Suetsumuhana depended on with her as housekeeper.

The new year came and then spring; when Genji went out to visit Hanachirusato one night, he noticed that the devastated residence which he saw on his way was Hitachinomiya's. He sent Koremitsu to the residence, and found out that Suetsumuhana was still waiting for him. Genji, who was deeply touched, visited her. Genji began to take care of Suetsumuhana again, promising that he would protect her for many more years, and two years later he took her in to the east lodge at Nijo.

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