Yushi Naishinno-ke no Kii (祐子内親王家紀伊)

Yushi Naishinno-ke no Kii (Kii of Princess Yushi's Household, year of birth and death unknown) was a poetess during the cloistered government period of the Heian period, and a lady-in-waiting to the Imperial Princess Yushi, the daughter of the Emperor Gosuzaku. She was also called Ichi no Miya no Kii and Kii no Kimi. She is said to have been the daughter of TAIRA no Tsunekata, Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade), Minbu taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of Popular Affairs), Togu no suke (Assistant Master in the Crown Prince's Quarters), or even the very same woman as 堀河院御乳母典侍紀伊三位師子 who was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Moronaga, but her real father is still unknown.
Her mother was Yushi Naishinno-ke no Koben (Koben of Princess Yushi's Household), the author of 'Iwagakinuma-no Chujo.'
FUJIWARA no Shigetsune (Soi Hoshi), the Governor of Kii Province, is said to have been her brother or her husband.

Her composition of poems for uta-awase (poetry contests) has been identified in the period between 'Kogogu Shunju Uta-awase' (The Empress' Spring and Autumn Poem Match) in 1056 and the 'Sadamichi Asonke no utaawase (Sadamichi Ason's poetry contest)' in 1113.

29 poems of hers were selected for "Goshui Wakashu" (Later Collection of Gleanings of Japanese Poetry) and other subsequent Chokusen wakashu (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command).
She left a personal collection 'Ichi no Miya no Kii Shu.'

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (the Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka-poems by One Hundred Poets)
No. 72: It would be better not to take seriously the words of someone notorious for being flirtatious, or something that I might weep bitterly will happen. ('Kinyo wakashu', Love II, 501)

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