Abe no Obimaro (阿倍帯麻呂)

ABE no Obimaro (year of birth and death unknown) was an aristocrat in the early Nara period. He was from the Abe clan, but his lineage was unknown.

His first appearance in historical material was in 'Shoku Nihongi' (Chronicle of Japan Continued) in June, 728. At that time, he was appointed to be Gaijugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade, inferior to the central noble class called Naii). This was the first time that the official rank, Gaii was conferred on a person belonging to the central noble class. In April 729, he rose to the official rank of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). After that, he became Mimasaka no kuni no kami (the governor of Mimasaka Province), however, he caused a scandal that he was part of a conspiracy to kill four people by October 22, 735. The article of 'Shoku Nihongi' on September 28, 735 tells that the judges including TAKAHASHI Yasumaro and AGATA no Inukai no Iwasuki left the case untouched in their negligence of duty, but victims' families made allegations and he was improsoned, then, he was released on the above mentioned day. However, there is no record about punishment for him. Presumably he was sentenced to death by law and executed, as there is no further record of his life.

His promotion and other details suggested that he was not happy with his granted official rank, he possibly got himself involved in Nagayao no hen (Conspiracy of Nagayao) with other officials at the ranks of Gaii.

His two children were well-known; one of the children was ABE no Otomasa who was famous as a book collector in the early Heian period and the other child was his daughter who became FUJIWARA no Matate's wife and gave birth to FUJIWARA no Uchimaro.

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