Aratao no Akamaro (荒田尾赤麻呂)

ARATAO no Akamaro (year of birth and death unknown) is a historical figure who lived during Japan's Asuka period. His name was pronounced "ARATAWO no Akamaro" in the old Japanese kana syllabary. His Kabane (hereditary title) is Atai. In Jinshin War of 672, he fought on the side of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) and repelled the enemy after he set out shields in Wakyo, the City in Yamato Province.

In July 23 of 672, the year of Jinshin (Mizunoe-saru, one of the Oriental Zodiac), OTOMO no Fukei rose in arms in Yamato Province taking sides with Prince Oama and occupied Wakyo absorbing the troops gathered there. Wakyo, as mentioned above, and Kokyo, as we see below, mean Asuka, showing the contraposition to Omi no miya which was the capital at the time. The army of OTOMO no Fukei went northward and, on July 26, it was stationed in Narayama (a mountain in the current city of Nara). Then, ARATAO no Akamaro told OTOMO no Fusui that Kokyo should be firmly guarded because their headquaters was located.. Following his opinion, OTOMO no Fusui immediately sent him and INBE no Kobito to secure the city. They returned to Kokyo and made the shields of the boards of the bridge, then placed them on the crossroad at the corner of the city.

On the following day, the army was defeated by the troops led by ONO no Hatayasu and dispersed. Hatayasu chased them to Yakuchi and found the shields lining up on the street of Kokyo when he looked down the city from the hillside. He retreated concerned about the ambush and the city evaded the attacks.

No other historical materials about ARATAO no Akamaro are left.

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