Asukabe (飛鳥部) no Natomaro (奈止麻呂) (飛鳥部奈止麻呂)

ASUKABE no Natomaro (year of birth and death unknown) is a government official in the Nara Period. His family name is also written as 安宿, 百済安宿, 飛鳥戸 or 安宿戸 instead of 飛鳥部. His first name is also written as 奈登麻呂, 奈杼麻呂 or 奈止丸 instead of 奈止麻呂. His name is Kimi. He became Sukune after his death perhaps because his daughter, KUDARA no Nagatsugu won Emperor Kanmu's favor.


The Asukabe clan, who seemed the clan of immigrants based on Asukabe County in Kawachi Province, successively held posts of government official including Izumo no jo (secretary of provincial offices). Prince Asukabe who visited the house of ASUKABE no Natomaro in 756 seemed a related party. His waka is contained in "Manyoshu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), and it is said that he was involved in the plot of Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro.

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